Why a New Campus?

acs entrance

There are a lot of reasons why a school is ready for a major remodel. One is that the 40 + year old log building planned for 80 students now houses 127 students. Wires are everywhere. The bathrooms are, well, almost unmentionable. No kitchen. No tables for lunches. Logs with critters that have died up there and then left to rot.

Here are a few photos to give you an idea of what happens on a rainy day at ACS!

acs trash cans catch leaks

Trash can to catch roof leaks

acs wet gym floor leaks

Wet gym floor on a rainy day

Another reason is that the gym, added in the late 1980s, and heavily used as classroom space, leaks. Yes, on any given rainy day, or very warm day after a fresh snow, the gym floor is soaking wet. More formal classroom space also gets a dose of H2O. Water finds its way through the roof and into the joists and runs along for a bit until it finds an opening, then splashes merrily down onto the floor.

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