Unconventional Campaign

acs steering committee

Jenny, Lee and Lara, part of the incredible Steering Committee

I’ve co-chaired a capital campaign before, as a volunteer. This is my first position as a campaign director, and, as Jim says, since I’m alive, I’m learning. And learning I am. Week one on the job included my initial meeting with the campaign Steering Committee. This is a group that had coalesced under Skye’s leadership, and most of the 15 members were new to me. I was a little nervous. I felt like I was just landing from outerspace, for all they knew about me, and was now sitting at the head of the table with an agenda and a big easel pad and stand. The meeting room was familiar, having spent many a Compass board meeting at that table in the early 1990s. Now it’s 2012 and I am in front of a new group of people who are all very involved with the school.

founders tea spread acs

The spread for the Founders Tea, hand crafted by the Steering Committee

Well, how lucky am I to have such a large and talented group to help chair this ambitious project? Most campaigns have a single campaign chair, or at the most, two co-chairs. I have 15 whip-smart, hardworking and talented volunteers who, with Skye and Lara, are the backbone of this campaign. I have the pleasure of keeping track of all the good ideas and follow-up that the steering committee produces. $11.6 million is a lot, and with $4.9 million of it due by May 1, 2013 in order to receive the $4.2 million from the BEST grant, the pressure to perform is certainly with us. But never have I worked with such a positive and organized group of volunteers. I’ve no doubt we’ve got the best team possible to succeed. When people ask who our Campaign Chair is, I have the pleasure of saying I have 15 co-chairs all working seamlessly together to bring our BEST grant home!

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