Principal’s Letter: How’s My Kid Doing?

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It’s the question all parents want answered. At ACS we have multiple ways to share information about your child’s academic/social achievement and growth. Let’s start with informal and work from there:

  1. Give your child’s teacher a call. Direct conversation is a great way to check in. We can provide you with observations, recent assessment information and listen to your concerns so we can work together.
  2. Student Reports. We send standards-based reports home in January and June. These are comprehensive documents that contain information about academic/social growth and proficiency, as well as information about your child’s learning behaviors.
  3. Parent/Teacher/Student Conferences. These face-to-face meetings take place in October and March. In October, we share information with parents about what we know about your child, the steps we are taking to meet their schooling needs and how we can work together. In March, students in the kindergarten and 3-8th grades have an opportunity to take an active part in their own conferences. A large part of our school mission is to help students take responsibility for their learning. At student-led conferences, kids show what they have learned and address the challenges they face. Presentation, too, is part of becoming a lifelong learner and valuable training for 8th grade graduation and panel presentations. In the 1-2 learning center students do not attend conferences because they present their work at a special presentation night on May 8th. [Conference sign-ups begin on Monday. Reach out to Cindy to book your spots.]

So, how’s my kid doing? There are lots of ways to find out!

by Jim Gilchrist, 970.923.4080 ext. 206

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