What Happened to My Comments?



Last fall, we came together as a community to participate in the design of our new school. During an intensive, two-month Co-Creative Process, here’s what you told us you wanted the future of ACS to look like:

Top Ten Wish List:

  1. Central Area concept as heart of the school
  2. Fully functional gym with community kitchen
  3. Multiple bathrooms
  4. Sustainability, renewable energy, LEED certification
  5. Design to reflect the rural nature of our setting and our history
  6. Buildings as living learning tools
  7. No corridors
  8. More storage
  9. Special rooms: sick room, mud rooms, small meeting spaces, science project area
  10. Garden

Our volunteer Design Advisory Group vetted all 191 public comments against the Design Guiding Principles and gave a “thumbs up” to 73% of them right off the bat. More are under consideration during our current “design development” phase. Check out our Community Suggestions + Results page to find out what made the cut and why. (Hint: Padded classrooms aren’t on the list.)

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