Will there be a community kitchen? An ice rink? Staff offices? Bathrooms in every learning center? A library? Space for visiting artists? The latest technology? A greenhouse garden? Playgrounds? (You get the idea.)

These — and all other wish list items submitted by the community — are being considered by the Design Advisory Group (DAG), a ten-member volunteer school committee that is charged with setting priorities and vision for the new campus. Using the design guiding principles, the DAG will filter, prioritize and share these suggestions with our Design Team, Studio B | Cuningham.

Here is a real-world example of how this filtering process works: during the comment period a student suggested a water fountain in each classroom. Before the DAG passes this idea along to the Design Team, they will first have a discussion about how it lines up with the design guiding principles. It may be in concert with “promotes academic excellence,” because students spend more time in the classroom and less time going back and forth to get hydrated. Alternately, this wish list item may be in conflict with “builds community,” because less time is spent interacting with fellow students and staff on the way to and at the communal water fountain. Weighing the merits of each against the principles, and against the master plan vision, the DAG will prioritize goals and pass those filtered priorities along to the Design Team.


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