What will the new facilities provide for the students and staff?

The main deliverable will be a new school — with ample space to learn, an energy-efficient building, 21st Century technology, functional/cleanable spaces, and, frankly, non-apologetic bathrooms — that makes room for ACS’s unique philosophy of experiential, interdisciplinary, cross-age learning.

In short, the new facilities will allow us to live our philosophy and build our future. At the Community School, we encourage students to take risks, to reflect, and to keep an open mind. They respond with imaginations that seem to know no bounds, except those imposed by their overcrowded classrooms. These young scholars, artists, builders, musicians, scientists, writers, and actors will now have the room they need to soar.

Students and staff will benefit from:

  • Facilities that are as innovative as the school’s philosophy and as imaginative as its students and staff
  • An additional 5,000 square feet of learning space
  • 25% more classroom space and 50% increase in visual and performing arts areas
  • Energy-efficient spaces that students can monitor and study
  • Accessibility for those with physical disabilities
  • A community hall that converts to a gymnasium
  • Pedestrian-friendly campus that separates cars from people
  • Improved water and septic systems, and much more


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