Who is serving on the Design Advisory Group?

The DAG is a group of ten committed volunteers who are meeting weekly to create the vision and priorities for our new campus and collaborate on them with Studio B | Cuningham. Those who signed up to serve are:

  • Jeffie Butler, ACS parent and Compass board member
  • Lara Deyarmond, ACS parent
  • Jim Gilchrist, Principal
  • Deborah Jones, former ACS parent and teacher, founder Wyly Community Art Center*
  • Jason LaPointe, ACS parent and Construction Executive Committee member
  • Erica Murray, ACS alumni and parent
  • Melanie Muss, ACS parent and Compass board president
  • Lynn Nichols, former ACS parent and librarian
  • Marci Peters, ACS parent
  • Greg Pickrell, CCS parent and Compass board member
  • Skye Skinner, Compass executive director

* Rotated off


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