How did you select the project manager and design team?

After we earned the BEST grant from the Colorado Department of Education that made ours a viable project, we also received support from the State in the form of guidance on best practices in our selection process for project manager and architect. These guidelines have been developed through the State’s five years and 315 public school rebuilding projects since the BEST granting program was established in 2008.

Following this advice, we moved forward with finding the ideal team through a process that was formal, rigorous, and competitive. Here is an overview of the process:

For each of the two positions, ACS published a “Request for Proposals/Qualifications” in a variety of public outlets (local newspapers, the Colorado Department of Education’s list serve, an email announcement to our 900+ digital community members, a school e-newsletter, and the I Believe ACS campaign website). Two volunteer selection committees were developed, one for each open position. The school received 13 proposals for project manager and nine for architect, each of which was individually reviewed by the relevant committee members. Following this study period, the selection committees gathered to discuss the proposals and select by consensus a short list of four candidates to proceed onto the final stage of interviews. At the end of the interview day, the committee deliberated the merits of each proposal against criteria that included: profile in the field, qualifications, staffing, approach, experience, and high-performance design. To objectively sort the architectural candidates and provide structure for their discussions, the committee members used a common ranking sheet.

The selection by each committee was unanimous, as were the two ratifications by the Compass board of directors. In July, the board awarded the project management contract to Consilium Partners and, in August, the architectural design contract to Studio B | Cuningham. The project managers participated as non-voting members in the selection of the architect.

This entire process was made possible by 538 ACS staff and volunteer hours dedicated to selecting the team that would be the absolute best fit for our unique school. Thank you to our selection committee members who so generously shared their time and wisdom over the summer:

    • Bart Axelman, ACS parent
    • Lee Bryant, ACS parent
    • Jim Gilchrist, Principal
    • Colleen Kanada, Consilium Partners * ✦
    • Matt Lamm, ACS parent
    • Scott Newell, BEST *
    • Lynn Nichols, Alumni parent
    • Martin Pearson, Compass financial advisor
    • Elizabeth Parker, Aspen School Board member
    • Chris Penney, Consilium Partners * ✦
    • Greg Pickrell, Compass board member and CCS parent
    • Skye Skinner, Compass executive director

* Non-voting members
✦ Participant in selection of Architect only


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