And if I don’t have a child in the school?

This response was written by ACS alum and former board member Mark Harvey. We couldn’t say it better ourselves:

“While our efforts are mainly local, our work goes way beyond the confines of the Roaring Fork Valley. Graduates of our programs have gone on to study at some of the nation’s finest universities and have distinguished themselves in areas ranging from public policy to the dramatic arts to wildlife biology and everything in between. Most importantly, many of our graduates have gone on to become community leaders and active citizens who engage in solving societal and environmental problems. While it is impossible to quantify the success of our graduates, in their responses to our questionnaires they repeatedly cite the rich learning environment and tolerant atmosphere at the Community School as one of the foundations to their later success. We strive to make every school year an opportunity for students of all ages to develop their capabilities and imagination in ways that will last a lifetime.”


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