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February 13, 2015

Gym: Pouring concrete floor. Drying-in the roof. Campus: Right-of-way permitting underway for natural gas main line extension. Ongoing: K-8 Schoolhouse: MEP rough-in continues through early March. Music & Science Learning Center: The Design Team is working on a modified building design to reduce costs. LEED Gold application process continues.

* Lingo Lesson

February 13, 2015

Energy recovery ventilation (ERV) is the process of exchanging the energy contained in normally exhausted building or space air and using it to precondition the incoming outdoor ventilation air in HVAC systems. During the warmer seasons, the system pre-cools and dehumidifies, while humidifying and pre-heating in the cooler seasons. This technology has not only demonstrated an effective means of reducing energy cost and heating and cooling loads, but has allowed for the scaling down of equipment. In our case, the… Read More »

Last Week(s)

January 28, 2015 Gym_glulam

K-8 Schoolhouse: Roof sheathing and framing completed. Air handling unit delayed; anticipated for this week. Gym: Glulam vertical components installed. (See above.) Dorm: Insulation and drywall mounted. Three inspections passed: fire alarm, insulation and drywall. Campus: Earthmoving permit received for natural gas mainline extension.

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