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Design Office Hours Continue

May 8, 2014 Proposed Outdoor Central Area

Curious about what the new Outdoor Central Area will look like, how construction will affect your student, or what kind of grasses are going to be seeded on campus? (Hint: they’ll be native.) Then come on over for Design Office Hours with Skye. Tuesday mornings in May, from 8:15 to 10am. Usually they’re held at the Compass offices, but on the 13th, you’ll find her holding down the fort in Jim’s office.

A Material World

May 8, 2014 MaterialBoards

While we’re designing on a large scale (Hello, 25-acre campus!), we’re also keeping our eyes on the small details. Right now, Cuningham Group’s interior design team is working with our Design Advisory Group to nail down the school’s interior finishes. This material board, a work-in-progress, gives a glimpse into the work they are doing to bring the natural world into the school through earthen, striated and fractal themes.

The Salvage List

April 23, 2014 Salvage_LittleDoor

This week, teachers are working with the Design Team on a “salvage list.” This inventory records the precious features around that the campus that they want to see preserved in the new school, such as the handprints in the cement steps, the globe sculpture, and, of course, our school bell and little door.

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