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July 23, 2014

Dorm framing and rough-in of plumbing and electrical for conversion to employee housing. Dirt moving continues: leveling old parking lot to make way for playing fields. New parking lots and drop-off area near ECC to be completed with recycled asphalt. Utility infrastructure begins: water lines and utility conduits. Fundraising: $3,740,000 to go, $9.36M completed.

Next Week

July 9, 2014 Gym Demo Prep

Demolition of the gym (see above). Excavation and grading of existing parking lot to make way for future playing fields, to be sod in September. Earthmoving work continues. No significant change in fundraising: $3.9M to go ($9.2 complete).

This Week

July 9, 2014 ECC_Earthmoving2

Finally, three authorizations came through: earthmoving, gym demolition and dorm remodel permits. Beginning of mass excavation of site. Stripping the top soil (for future use) and grading the area west of the Early Childhood Center and dorm, in preparation for grading the new school parking lot and drop-off zone (see above). Ditto for the temporary teacher parking lot near the maintenance barn. Salvaging handprint sidewalk panels and unit heater from the gym in advance of demolition. Presentation of final subcontractor… Read More »

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