view west towards aspen

Fall up on the mesa - looking west towards Aspen

Skye Skinner added me to the team for the I Believe campaign by walking up to Ric Morrison’s woodshop, on the campus of the Aspen Community School. Ric produces custom woodwork as well as custom lessons for ACS students. It’s a wonderful symbiotic relationship where Ric practices his craft as well as contributes to the teaching team at ACS.

Ric used to drive up to the campus in his truck, listening to just the radio. But, for the past 7 years, he’s been driving his truck accompanied by the radio AND by H. the oldest, and then G. the youngest. They all three tumble out of the truck in time to go to school, and to work, by 8:00 am.

Skye’s office, as executive director of Compass, is just across the parking lot from the woodshop. Skye wanted to know if Ric had any interest in helping her find a new campaign director. Ric’s wife is experienced with the local non-profit scene and might have a few ideas. It just so happens that I had been by earlier in the day to pick up a small table project from Ric. The fall colors were glowing on the hillsides behind the woodshop, and there was the September crispness to the air. I mentioned to him that I was looking for a job.

“What kind of job” Ric asked. “Oh, just about anything” I replied. “Well”, Ric continued in his friendly drawl, “I think you might go up and see Skye, she is looking for somebody, I’m pretty sure.”

fall day after lunch acs

Fall day, after lunch

Skye and I found each other the next day and it took about 30 seconds to make it official. We’ve known each other for years, first meeting when I was on the parent board for the Early Childhood Center, then as board member for Compass, where I helped to transition ACS from a private school to a public charter school. My first day of work was to attend the press conference to announce the BEST grant of $4.2 million.

I will do MY best to help be the glue for this ambitious and necessary campaign.

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